HOPE+ Africa

The theological virtue of HOPE is the patient and trustful willingness to live without closure, without resolution, and still be content and even happy because our Satisfaction is now at another level, and our Source is beyond ourselves.
- Richard Rohr

Unfortunately, at this time, because of the conflicts between the teachings of Jesus and the interests of the political systems within the countries we work, we can not say more on this site than what is below. Please feel free to sign up for our emailed newsletters for more information. In order to make sure our safety is protected with regards to the dissemination of information please tell us how we are acquainted.

HOPE+ Africa is a Christian intentional community residential ministry dedicated to demonstrating the love of Jesus daily, in a very tangible way, to the poor and oppressed. We work within several undisclosed countries in Africa to disciple Christians out of personal, cultural, and habitual problems that have historically prevented them from becoming fully Christ-like in faith, community, and country.

We work to empower orphans, widows, and the HIV+ to follow Jesus at a deeper level. This includes living with those we work with, eating three meals a day with them, getting involved with their families, gently moving them from disciples to, as Jesus called his disciples at the end of their training, friends.

Specifically, we run a small business from the HOPE+ Africa house, which we use as an informal training school to help our women and girls become skilled at running their own businesses and taking care of their own families without outside assistance.

In the context of these relationships we confront all manner of problems, from theological confusion and fear, to preventing the spread of HIV, to teaching basic Biblical peacemaking and non-violent conflict resolution.

Our daily work can be as exciting as showing a malnourished friend how set up a compost pile and mulch their garden so they can grow more nutritious food, to talking a friend through the shock of an HIV diagnosis, to working through a dispute between friends, to offering a bar of soap and a meal to a dirty and hungry neighbor child whose parents cannot afford either.

Or, more often, our time can be as mind numbingly boring as waiting for paperwork to get a rubber stamp from some recalcitrant government agent, to waiting on busses that never seem to arrive, to waiting for the electricity/water/Internet/cellular network to come back, to waiting for the rain to stop and mud roads to dry out. We do a lot of waiting. As far as patience being a virtue, we are all learning it well!

We do not build church buildings, host evangelistic crusades, or set up anything that can look impressive outwardly to attract those interested in using religion to move up socially or improve their chance at becoming rich, which is an epidemic in Africa. Africa has more than enough of these “miracles and blessings” ministries. We work to attract those interested in personal and spiritual growth through discipleship and friendship.

We invest our energy and funds in poor people, helping them to become  healthy members of The Church, The Church on a mission to reflect the Kingdom of God on Earth, among us, and in us now. They, as The Church, can solve their own problems by tapping into the power of their own God-given capabilities and spiritual strengths. We just work to help our friends draw out those talents and abilities while helping them understand who they are because they are God’s “best beloved.”

Likewise, we work with Western friends to connect those who have succumbed to spiritual malnourishment through the abundance of their possessions with our friends who are poor in material wealth, but whose suffering has brought them to a place of rich spiritual strength, not usually encountered in the West. We work to show our wealthier friends how love for the poor, and embracing them in their suffering, can reinvigorate their faith by giving them a sense of purpose they have not experienced before. We work to demonstrate a deeper “costly grace” life of thanksgiving for the gift of Jesus.
We do this work because a very broad community of Christians all over the world financially, emotionally, and spiritually enables us to do so. This is how The Church comes together. It is the miracle of unity we get to witness daily and are so grateful to have that privilege. Please join us, there’s HOPE enough to go around.