Meet the HOPE+ Africa House Family

Meet the HOPE+ Africa House Family

Paul, Hope, and Jojo

IMG_3282Paul, Hope, and Jojo started HOPE+ Africa in 2010.  When Hope and Paul met and fell in love, Hope and Jojo’s story of survival inspired Hope and Paul to become agents of grace to poor women, particularly those suffering from HIV and AIDS.
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The following women each have their own difficult story of survival, much of which we are not going to share here on the Internet to protect their privacy.  You can subscribe to our emailed newsletter and if you pass the “How do we know you?” test question we will add you to our mailing list so you can follow along with everyone’s growth.

Barbara, Nyangoma, Nyakato, and FaithIMG_5011

Florence, Angel, Elijah, Shalom, and Deborah


Topista, Jafar, Fatuma, Alafat, and Rajabu